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Privacy Policy

AimXcel ABCLearn app uses the camera on your smartphone, whilst the app is enabled, to recognise flashcards through the camera and show on-screen dynamic content on top.

At AimXcel ABCLearn we are working to build a service which is useful and fun for our users and in doing that we are absolutely committed to your privacy. AimXcel ABCLearn app, the AimXcel ABCLearn websites and related APIs and tools covered by this policy are constantly evolving as we add new features to improve your experience, but our users’ privacy remains at the heart of what we do. As AimXcel ABCLearn app changes, so might the information we use and how we use it. We encourage users to consult this policy whilst using AimXcel ABCLearn and we will notify material changes to it through AimXcel ABCLearn app.

The technology behind AimXcel ABCLearn is complex, so we have tried hard to explain the ways we collect and use your data in a straightforward way so you know what is going on. We may provide sets of FAQs on how AimXcel ABCLearn works and for specific products and features to help you understand them better. We welcome any feedback or questions you may have on privacy matters and how we use your data – please contact us at


Who we are

AimXcel ABCLearn is a technology business headquartered in Visakhapatnam, INDIA, which was registered as AIMXCEL INNOVATIVESOLUTIONS LLP in Ministry of Corporate Affairs with Regd. No : AAG – 7295, is the ultimate data controller for personal data collected, processed and used through the app.


What this document tells you

When you use the AimXcel ABCLearn app, websites, APIs, tools and any other services we may make available, you will share some information with us. When we talk about the AimXcel ABCLearn “app” or “service”, we mean all the websites, APIs, tools and other services.

This policy is designed to explain to you what information about you AimXcel ABCLearn collects in providing AimXcel ABCLearn app and service, how that information is used and shared and how you can control what happens with that information.


What information we collect

When you use AimXcel ABCLearn app we receive personal information about you which you choose to give us. For example, when you download the AimXcel ABCLearn app and want to use it, we ask you to register some basic information with us so we can provide our service to you, including your name, your email address, with your consent, your phone number, your unique mobile ID.


How we use your information

We use your personal information mainly to provide, monitor and improve AimXcel ABCLearn app, website, services and the technology which supports them and to provide you with a great, personalised experience. We occasionally will use your information to contact you, for instance if you send us requests or ask us questions about AimXcel ABCLearn or if there are technical or operational issues or updates which we think our users need to know about.


This section applies to User Profiles

User profiles are intended for users who are at least 16 years old. If you are aged under 16, please get your parent/guardian’s permission before you provide any personal information to AimXcel ABCLearn. Users without this consent are not allowed to provide us with personal information. By registering to the app, you are representing to us that you are 16 or over or have the specific consent of your parent or guardian to use AimXcel ABCLearn.


Creating User Profile

Users should register before starting the app in their devices (Smart phones or Tablets) by providing your name, your email, your phone number, your Unique ID.

Once this is done, you are confirmed as registered and can use the app without any trouble.

Who can see my Profile Data?

We respect our user privacy. We do not disclose any information/data of the user to any other user, third- party, company administration, employees.


How are user data stored?

To store the user information, we use Godaddy data centres in the United States. We need to do this in order for the app and for the user to secure the information/data.


Will AimXcel ABCLearn share my personal data?

We will not share your personal data with our clients or third parties. We take keeping this data secure extremely seriously and use Godaddy Web Services, one of the most secure data centres in the world.

We will collect aggregated statistics which are not unique to you and cannot identify you about how our users or categories of users are interacting with the app and other services we offer using Augmented Reality.


If you any questions or comments about this Privacy Policy please contact:

Aimxcel Innovative Solutions LLP
Maharani Pet
Andhra Pradesh