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Every kid is unique

Mrs. Sunita, an average soccer mom from Vizag with 2 kids was thinking hard how to make her 2 year old son learn alphabet, numbers and animals while he is enjoying the cartoon show on the television. She sits with him every day and tries to teach the alphabet, but Rahul never seemed to enjoy it. Later that tiring exercise, she left to join Mrs. Gouthami for their evening walk.

Sunita always noticed the ease with which Kartik recognises alphabets, numbers, animals and anything that he is taught. She shared her worrying thought about Rahul with her friend while pushing the treading the greenery of the park. Gouthami, understanding her friends’ problem enlightened Sunita about how no two brains are alike and how no two children learn the same way and suggested that Rahul might be a visual learner based on the observation that he enjoys cartoons. She suggested to deal with him differently by trying out ABCLearn’s Augmented Reality Flash Cards to give him the experience of immersive visual learning.

Sunita though not convinced about her friend’s suggestion decided to give it a try. So she purchased ABC Alphabets and ABC Animals from Amazon and installed ABCLearn app on her smart phone. Rahul was very excited to see the animals come alive when he pointed his mother’s phone to the lion flashcard. He is enjoying a lion walking, running around and roaring. The excitement of Rahul and the pace of his learning took everyone at home by surprise including Sunita. Within few days Rahul has learnt about all the alphabets and animals. Today, Sunita owns all the sets of ABC Learn flashcards available on Amazon and suggested our team to work on other languages like Telugu & Hindi, too.

We are already close to release our prototypes in other languages and make your life comfortable

Make your child’s learning process easy and fun with ABCLearn’s Flashcards powered with Augmented Reality. Let their 1st learning experience be the best.

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